The inner force of living things is what motivates me to paint the human form.  My first experience with figurative art took place when I was a child of eleven, viewing the Old Masters paintings at the Louvre Museum of Art. The paintings went beyond the illusion of real; they were alive. I felt the presence of the artist and a connection with humankind.

Exploration of the architecture of the body becomes a starting point into the meditation of what truly lies within. My desire is to evoke the mystery and gravity of being alive through the layered density of the painted human figure. It is through elegant and gracefully rendered forms that I wish to express that sensual quality of the transpersonal state of being. The same principles underlie my still life and landscape subjects.

My works in egg tempera are more ethereal in nature. These paintings express personal experiences of the mystical realm of existence. Inclusively, my work explores themes of metamorphosis, initiation, transfiguration, and ecstatic and mystical states of being.  Each genre (figure, still life, landscape) becomes a unique expression of these timeless themes.