The inner force of living things is what motivates me to paint the human form.  My first experience with figurative art took place when I was a child of eleven, viewing the Old Masters paintings at the Louvre Museum of Art. The paintings went beyond the illusion of real; they were alive. I felt the presence of the artist and a connection with humankind.

Exploration of the architecture of the body becomes a starting point into the meditation of what truly lies within. My desire is to evoke the mystery and gravity of being alive through the layered density of the painted human figure. It is through elegant and gracefully rendered forms that I wish to express that sensual quality of the transpersonal state of being. The same principles underlie my still life and landscape subjects.

My works in egg tempera are more ethereal in nature. These paintings express personal experiences of the mystical realm of existence. Inclusively, my work explores themes of metamorphosis, initiation, transfiguration, and ecstatic and mystical states of being.  Each genre (figure, still life, landscape) becomes a unique expression of these timeless themes.


C. Hilton

"I’m so happy to have your paintings in my collection. They’re just beautiful! I strategically placed them in my home so that I can see them from any angle. I never get tired of looking at them and it always delights me to see them each day! Thank you!"

Celia Cohen

“It’s so breath taking! I can't take my eyes off the horizon light just beneath the amazing sky. As a matter of fact, it's hard to stop following the swirls in the sky, the land, the body, and the lowest level and the golden serpent (dragon). I love your painting! Your work is inspiring, powerful and very thought provoking.”

Elaine Stevens

“Your painting is just beautiful ~ I can almost feel it breathe! Very uplifting, gently powerful, and very inspiring! Your paintings have life because they make us feel deeply and inspire us. I’m amazed at your “Heart-Eye-Hand” Talent. You never cease to amaze me!”

D. Allison

“So amazingly beautiful and spiritual……Exquisite! This is such a beautiful and well-conceived painting on so many levels. I love it! You’re a master”

Steven Levine

“A wonderful Synthesis of design and execution. The rendering of the figure is particularly fine.”

Karmen Sanchez

“Your painting is beyond amazing! I keep coming back to look at it. It’s so breath taking!”


“Let there be light, let there be life”

“Catherine is truly a gifted instructor, and of course a top-notch artist herself, who is able to work with students of all ages and temperaments. I have observed her in her classes bringing out each student’s special skills. Her knowledge and ability to communicate and teach all the details of painting techniques ranging from color values, tonality, layouts, etc. is unique.”

~ C. Werder


“You are the reason my paintings take on life - if not for your teaching, techniques, time and encouragement, I probably wouldn't paint. I can't say enough good things about you to everyone I know. You're the best!”

~ Cindy Rennie


“Over the last couple of years I have taken several classes with Catherine, and each session, I continue to learn new nuances to painting like a Master. It’s been and continues to be an amazing experience.”

~ Ralph LaGro.


“There is a wonderful intrinsic quality to Catherine's class where we are each welcomed at our own level.”

~ Trish Adams