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Catherine Lucas oil painting detail of Trompe L' Oiel still life

Catherine Lucas Art Form

Purchase and Instruction

Purchase Artwork

Thank you for your interest in my artwork. All of my paintings and drawings are carefully designed and executed using highest quality archival materials and supports. I’m completely devoted to each piece I create and it takes a generous amount of time and energy to complete. Please contact me to inquire about work that you are interested in purchasing and I will get back to you with pricing and other information.


If an artwork is no longer available, and you would like something similar I do take commissions. I also would be happy to work with you if you have an idea for a unique painting. Although the commission process is individualized to the needs of each client, it consist of the following stages:

1) Conversation with the Client
Our conversation can transpire through e-mails, phone, or in person. It’s a way for us to get to know each other and allows me to learn more about the type of painting you are interested in and your vision for it. Here, we’ll discuss the subject matter, size, medium, and the feeling you are trying to capture. We’ll also discuss framing options.

2) Signing a Contract
Once the subject, size, medium and price is agreed upon, I will write up a commission agreement with the final quote. A deposit of 50% of the quoted price is required to begin the commission. Upon receiving the deposit, I will create sketches and/or color studies for you to review and select. Once the study is approved, I will begin the full scale commission.

3) Creating the Artwork
During this time I will keep you updated with the progress through periodic emails. As the work approaches completion, I will send photos for your review or schedule an in person appointment before I put the final varnish on it. We’ll also look at framing options if applicable.

4) Completion and Delivery
Once the artwork is completed and approved the remaining balance including taxes, shipping, or travel (if applicable) is due.

If you have any questions about the commission procedure, please feel free to contact me.


In addition to creating artwork, I teach other artists the fine craft of oil and egg tempera painting, water and oil gilding, and drawing including silverpoint. I teach through workshops and classes, as well as private mentoring. My students vary from beginning to advanced level. I establish a strong foundation with each one of my students so that they have a platform to competently express their unique vision.