<span>Between Two Waters</span>Oil on Linen<br>27” x 40”

Between Two Waters

Water is always seeking equilibrium and it’s in constant flow to attain it. On our journey to become whole, we need to remain open and fluid like water.  Our vulnerability is our pillar of strength.  In order to keep our balance in life we must embrace our interior and exterior, the eternal and the temporal, […]

Egg Tempera, Genuine 24k and 16k and Golf Leaf on Icon Panel <br>
13" x 17"


“When we experience our own desire for tramsformation, we are feeling the universe evolve through us” ~ Barbara Marx Hubbarb Instar is the scientific term for the transformational growth periods between molts in the metamorphosis of an insect larva into a butterfly or some other invertebrate animal.  As a self-portrait, my painting “Instar”, is a […]



“The human Journey is a continuous act of transfiguration”.  ~ John O’Donohue (excerpt from Anam Cara) I’ve always been fascinated by the alchemy of transfiguration. It’s one of the dominant themes that inspire my work.  In this painting, I explore very personal questions regarding the process of transformation: What does it encompass? What’s the catalyst […]

<span>Materia Prima</span>Oil on  Linen<br>36” x 60”


“Material Prima”, a pivotal painting for me, heralded a coming into my own as an artist. In alchemy, Materia Prima (or Prima Materia) is considered the “ first matter”. This formless primeval substance is regarded as the original material of the universe and is essential for the alchemical Magnum Opus and the creation of the […]

<span>PRECESSION OF THE EQUINOXES </span> Egg Tempera and Genuine 24K, 22K, and 12K Gold Leaf on Panel and Wood (rotating carousel) <br>
24" x 24" x 16.5"


The Zodiac Project  I’ve always had a fascination with the cosmos and our relationship to it as human beings.  In particular, I’m captivated by the greater astrological cycles of time and how they affect human consciousness.  The energy of each zodiac has a certain influence on human consciousness and in the larger scheme of things […]

<span>Merge</span>Egg Tempera, Genuine 22K and 12K Gold Leaf on Panel<br>13” x 17”


“Merge” was inspired by my shamanic spiritual practice of connecting and merging with my power animals for empowerment, clarity, and creative flow in my life. In shamanic cultures it’s believed that everything is alive and carries with it power and wisdom. It’s also believed that everyone has power animals, or animal spirits, which are connected […]

695c64ba-4477-44d7-bac8-3e8ae9c92924INITIATION Egg Tempera and 22K Gold Leaf on Panel 34 x 35 IMG_4264


“Initiation” was inspired by one of my shamanic journeys that took me into the Death & Rebirth cycle that is life. I wasn’t just shown the nature of death and rebirth in this journey; I completely embodied it and became the life cycle itself in the form of a light portal. As this portal, all […]