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“Merge” was inspired by my shamanic spiritual practice of connecting and merging with my power animals for empowerment, clarity, and creative flow in my life. In shamanic cultures it’s believed that everything is alive and carries with it power and wisdom.

It’s also believed that everyone has power animals, or animal spirits, which are connected with each individual protecting them from illness, and empowering them. Essentially, they are like guardian Angels. The animal spirit also imparts to the individual the wisdom of its kind. An owl spirit will give a person owl wisdom, and bestow upon them some of the attributes of owl that the person may need.

“Merge” is the expression of the divine experience of merging with the spirit of the owl and gaining empowered vision I needed at the time in my life.

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“Initiation” was inspired by one of my shamanic journeys that took me into the Death & Rebirth cycle that is life. I wasn’t just shown the nature of death and rebirth in this journey; I completely embodied it and became the life cycle itself in the form of a light portal.

As this portal, all of humanity ~ all the ancestors and future descendants ~ began to rise up and pass through me. One by one on their passage through, they let their voice out into the world. I felt the vibration of their unique expression, but I couldn’t decipher what was being said individually. I only recognized the voice of God within the collective.

As the ancestors and descendants rose up and out through me, they scattered out into the night sky then gently floated back down to the ground to be re-absorbed back into the earth. This cycle kept repeating itself as they again rose up through me to be released back into the world of the living and falling back into the realm of the non-living. I profoundly understood that both the living and nonliving together generate the momentum of life force itself.

The shape of this energetic flow cycling through me mimicked the shape of the electromagnetic force field that circulates through and around the earth.

Within the continuous streaming of birth, death, and rebirth, I went beyond the confines of my separate self, and experienced a freedom that enriched and heightened my sense of significance in being human. This was an extremely intense and emotional event for me. I was able to see my singular position in terms of the whole life process itself. Seeing myself as I’ve never seen myself before, I was able to let go of who I was, and deeply felt the expansive potential that I really am. I recognized a new plane of liberation, creativity, and a sense of potential that I’ve never tapped into before.

I was shown the metaphor of my life ~ and collectively all of our lives. There is no greater gift than this. Through “Initiation” I want to express that we are, indeed, the Universe.