A painting of a naked woman sitting on top of a wall.

When we experience our own desire for tramsformation, we are feeling the universe evolve through us
~ Barbara Marx Hubbarb

Instar is the scientific term for the transformational growth periods between molts in the metamorphosis of an insect larva into a butterfly or some other invertebrate animal. As a self-portrait, my painting Instar, is a very personal metaphor of this idea.Here, the figure in the cosmic egg represents a stage of awakening on the evolutionary path of the soul.Within each stage of awakening there is a molting period in which the transformation actually takes place and the old shell disintegrates making room for new growth. As humans we’re all essentially instars with this innate impulse to transform and grow towards our purest and most essential nature.In the process we’re continually reborn throughout life. Within the grander scheme, we are asleep in the microcosmic egg until we wake up and begin to unite with the macrocosmic universe.

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Catherine Lucas